How can I draw on a PDF? – Concept Car Sketches

You can either download and save the image as a txt file. The file size is about 14Mb, so that should be about all you need. Alternatively you can use the print-capable pdf reader on Windows, Mac/Android/iOS (or other operating systems).

What formats can I use

I have a PDF of my work or a text file (which I’ve also converted to txt) but I do not want all the details displayed in txt. Can I convert my PDF to txt?

No – there are other digital file formats available for your use and we have nothing to suggest that you should use our format – but they are available. One example is the Adobe Acrobat format. Adobe Acrobat is a digital file format that is open for editing and copying to different file types, including txt, and the images can have a small number of dimensions. Another is the OCS Open Document Format (ODF). This is a free and open-source format that allows you to store and display your files wherever you want, including your computer. If you want a quick solution we also offer a simple converter in which you can convert text to and from OCS, ODF and txt.

Can I take screenshots?

You can take screenshots of your work with our free application. There are a number of other applications available on iOS (such as the iPhone photo app Camera and the iPad photo app Prophoto 2) and Android. For a full list of applications from which you can take screenshots of your work, see our Software application pages here and here.

Can I share my work with other people?

Absolutely. When you purchase an Adobe Creative Suite product, you have full control over the content of your work. You can print or download the graphics for your work from an Adobe account, for example, and export to other formats. You can also send the files and graphics (for example, a screenshot or a screenshot of the entire design project) to anyone else on the network who has access to your account.

How is my design managed?

When you buy an Adobe product, you may choose what files you upload to our storage or in which format, and even what format you wish for your creation. You can also choose when the files are saved.
How to draw Porsche 918 easy car drawing - YouTube

I created my design and now I am trying to save it. I have to choose between a JPEG image, a PNG image, or a txt file.

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