How can I draw on a PDF? – How To Draw A Car Step By Step With Pictures

The following is a quick explanation of some common PDF features in Windows:

Draw to PDF documents on the Internet

Draw to PDF documents on Windows Live Mail client

Draw to PDF files within Windows Explorer and Win32 applications

Draw to PDF files on Microsoft Edge

Draw to PDF files inside the PDF viewer

The drawing mode of your PDF documents may not work or may be off. Read more about how to fix PDF problems.

For the first time ever, a British journalist has been flown to Syria to tell the story of the battle for one of the most embattled cities in the war, Aleppo.

Natalie Nougayrède is the latest to report from war-torn Aleppo.

A former foreign correspondent who covered the Middle East for the Observer and who has covered the conflict from Lebanon to North Africa, she was selected from a long list of journalists to fly to the war-ravaged city. “I am genuinely excited about my new chapter in war journalism,” she told The Local.

Ms Nougayrède is expected to spend a week travelling across Syria, to gain first-hand knowledge of the siege of eastern Aleppo that has left one third of the population living under its shadow. Mr Assad’s army, backed by Russia, wants to retake the city from rebel fighters.

Aleppo residents have grown increasingly fearful that rebel-held neighbourhoods could fall to Islamic State. But Mr Assad’s regime is determined, aided by Turkey and Iran, to retain control.

Speaking from her home in Beirut, where she was last week taken for a walk by a British military unit, Ms Nougayrède said: “They are not interested in any rebel or jihadist groups.” She added: “To them, the regime is the only force that can stop the terrorists from getting inside.”

After several interviews with Syria’s refugees living in Lebanon and Turkey, who fear being trapped in Aleppo because of the conflict and the risk of being killed, Ms Nougayrède has drawn up a short outline of what Aleppo residents need to know.

She has included an assessment of rebel weaponry, including how many there are, their capabilities, and details of the infrastructure within the city. “The city is almost entirely under rebel control”, she said.

Despite this, she has drawn on her own experience in coverage of conflict zones to paint a realistic picture of life in an inner-city neighbourhood of northern Aleppo.

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