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In one of the rare occasions where people have been able to take an important look at the internal workings of the Pentagon, a report by the Department of Defense has confirmed once again the massive size and scope of the U.S. government’s intelligence apparatus.

The report’s release Wednesday comes in the wake of a number of recent events, most notably U.S. officials and legislators calling for an end to the mass surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks.

Although the Pentagon report appears to show that the U.S. intelligence infrastructure is massive and complex, some analysts question the Pentagon’s accounting.

“You could make a case that this is still very much a civilian agency,” said James Bamford, senior editor at the New York Times national security desk and an expert on national security and intelligence. “No one’s sure what they are doing or what it’s about. But I’m not sure that there’s anything that they shouldn’t be able to tell us.”

The report, written by the Defense Intelligence Agency, is an internal government accounting of its capabilities and capabilities planning, and the Pentagon provided a number of other documents that are available online. The Pentagon and the CIA declined to provide a copy of the Pentagon report, but did provide an excerpt, citing a need to protect secrets.

The full report is 544 pages, and was first obtained by the Washington Post Friday.

In its report, the report’s staff describes a highly technical, complex, and secretive organization that is highly technical.

The report, which covers 2010 to the end of 2012, describes in detail the U.S. intelligence industry as the largest and most sophisticated in world history, but at the same time, it provides a detailed, technical breakdown of what its capabilities are. The report goes far beyond the numbers and the raw numbers of resources available, and describes the full breadth and depth of everything in the intelligence business, from the basic technology—cell phones, computers, Internet connections—to the intelligence collection agencies (the NSA, military, and various state governments), and then back to the technology for more advanced analysis.

“In recent years, technology has expanded at a rapid pace,” the report states. “Intelligence analysts have expanded to greater complexity as technology has grown. The resulting gap in

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