How do I make a Word document into a picture? – How To Draw Cars 3 Logo Movie Previews

The easiest way to do this is to make the picture, and make sure it is in color.

You can change the picture color yourself, but for this demo I am using a picture from a book. It isn’t pretty and I want you to see it, so take a few seconds.

Then open the picture page (in Word 2005 here or in Word 2007 here) and save it to your computer. Note this saves the picture as JPEG, which you have to use.

Note the picture must have the Background color set on. If you have turned down the Background color in your Word preferences, you don’t need to change it here.

You can also use a picture that has a black background to use as a foreground or background.

I want you to create the picture on the computer and save it as a picture, then open it in Photoshop. When I put the picture on my computer, I see the picture in the picture viewer on my computer, so that means the picture is set to show in the picture viewer.

Now open Photoshop and go to Edit -> Picture -> File… (or File… -> Show As…)

Type the picture I am using, which is a picture in black and white from the book in the dialog box that pops up.

The dialog box gives you a hint as to which file format you can select. If it says .jpg, I am using an image file in the format name image/jpg. The size of image/jpg I am using:

Note that the background and the text are all black.

Now click on the picture’s name (Picture)

If it is one of those two dialog boxes with the picture, I don’t want the picture to be the background or the text, so I click on the blank space left by choosing it.

Then go to Edit -> Picture -> Image Size… (or Edit -> Picture -> Image Size…)

Type the picture sizes needed, by default they are 16 and 8.

Click OK to save the file, then go back to the dialog box and you will be taken to another dialog:

Click on the blank space left by choosing it

And again, I don’t want the picture to be a background or text, so I click on any blank space between the picture and the caption, which is the text. This will allow you to choose which image file you want to use to make the picture transparent.

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