How do you draw a bunny?

1) You use a pencil.

2) You dip your nib into the ink.

3) You draw.

Now why should you learn how to draw? How do you know that you’re getting good?

You have to. There is no substitute for working with it.

If you’re not drawing anything, you’re drawing things you don’t know about.

I’m not talking about doing basic shapes or silhouettes. I’m talking about getting to know how to think and act as a designer.

I’m talking about getting to work with the world around you. I’m talking more about how to work with people who are both experienced and new. (Don’t forget about your clients, it’s the most powerful force in your freelance career.)

If you take the time to study and understand how people create, how you can work with people who aren’t your peers, you’ll be better at finding your own path.

The “b” in BACtrack is for “Baby.” We know that you’ll agree we’re more than welcome back to the fold for the remainder of this tour, no questions asked.

Here’s some more great news in the news:

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We’re back!

– John


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