How do you draw a car for kids?

Well, when you start with your own story with the car, the car is supposed to be cool. If you don’t know anything about cars, it makes you crazy that it came to life in your head. So you have to go with something that makes sense. And to a little kid with an imagination, this would be a car that looks very cool, but because of its crazy design, it is very scary. They are very different, so it is a mix of the two. It can be very scary or fun.

If there is a lot of repetition between the two movies, what is really fun for kids is the contrast in their styles. You see, in The Secret Life of Pets, it’s much more realistic. You’re there with Judy, and you’re watching her grow up. You’re kind of in the car, and it’s not the car that’s kind of scary, but you’re watching her change very dramatically. You have to play with your kids when you see the cars and the world in that two-hour movie, so you’re learning something new.

The Secret Life of Pets is a lot different from The Muppets, and it’s very different from My Best Friend’s Wedding, and that comes mostly from the fact that it’s a completely different story. With The Muppets, they have puppetry and they are very real, and there are different kinds of puppets, so it’s very fun to watch them on screen.

The Muppets was so different, because I mean on My Friends, people just said, “Oh, no.” “Oh, the Muppets are so cheesy.” I’m going, “No, the Muppets are so good and so entertaining. They’re so cool.” So while I would say that The Secret Life of Pets is a classic, for the kids with the Muppet experience, they can still learn something new with The Muppet Babies.

For the past week, The Atlantic has been publishing a series of articles and editorials examining the state of American Jewish life now that there is no organized Jewish presence left and the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in American life is about to become much, much more powerful. You can read the whole thing here, but for the purpose of this article I’ll just highlight one line in which the author takes exception to some comments made by David Horowitz, the “liberal Jewish journalist,” regarding the Jewish state of Israel:
How To Draw A Porsche Race Car - YouTube

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