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I used my fingers. Because I can. The only reason I’m not using the eyes — I’m not a master artist. Sometimes I’ve drawn on a piece of paper. When I was a kid, I would go out in the field. I would draw an animal in the field, and just make a drawing of it on the paper.

I used to do that a lot, I don’t know why. It got very complicated. But I just loved those little drawings of my dad with his eyes open. So he’s looking at me — they’re just cute little things.

There is a cartoon called the “Dog Eyes” about a cat who is doing his business — it shows his cat face.

Right. That’s a cat story. It’s pretty funny. I haven’t seen it in some time. It’s kind of the same idea. There’s a lot of things I draw that, I’m not sure, I’ve never seen it in a book or magazine or anything like that — I’ve never seen it on TV or anything like that. But it’s just a whole line of animals. I did a cartoon about animals that’s kind of like, “Cat Eyes” kind of style. I drew some animals and they were like cartoon people, kind of like people from a cartoon.

One of the things that struck me about the cat and the dog, in the book, what struck me is that they’re doing the same thing as a cat and a dog, kind of just doing their business, basically. And so what makes them different?

I’m an animal person — what I do, I like cats and dogs. And I really respect people that live like that and don’t use a lot of human or synthetic stuff in their lives, don’t do drugs in their life, don’t go to college and have the lifestyle that I am. They look like they’re living a much simpler life in every sense. It’s just that kind of lifestyle that I’ve had growing up, and I have.

When you talk about the “Cat Eyes” books, you seem to be focusing on cats, cats-lady. How did cats and the cat lady get together?

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It is a cat-lady kind of story. It started as a story about cats — it sort of morphed into a book about cats. That was kind of like a cat that’s in love with a dog, but she’s afraid of dogs, and just

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