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I think everyone is familiar with “The Big Five.” It’s very simple: There are five kinds of people who have a lot more than a fraction of the resources in the Western world. I think everyone would agree that the most affluent people are the ones who have the most to gain by taking the most advantage of the Western way of life. And then it’s the other 99% who suffer.

And how do you draw an elephant?

I think that most humans, at every age, find what they are most passionate about. And in a certain way the human emotional landscape is very similar to that of animals. And so a lot of how you can make a difference in making that happen is to find those emotional landscapes that are most similar to that of your own emotions as well as everyone else’s.

Is there anything you do as a teacher to keep you inspired?

Yeah, yeah–well there’s a few ways to do that, but the most important one is to challenge yourself. It’s a very difficult thing to do, but if you do that you find more opportunities than you think possible to create something that I would want to read in my own life.

And a lot of teaching in the arts is in challenge, and that’s hard. A lot of it is very difficult… You have to create a kind of space for your students to be in the moment.

What’s next for you?

We just did our fourth show: It’s called Tritonia. It’s about a group of children and their family and they are trying to make up their minds what to do with their lives. And there isn’t a lot of literature about that, as far as we know, but there’s this great book called Little Brother by John Steinbeck about people who are trying to make up their minds as to what it means to be a good brother.

A lot of the kids have an adult in their house who they feel they can make an adult out of, so they try to make up their minds and change their life for the better by whatever means possible to get there. And that’s the central question in a lot of literature, “What if?”

You’ve got a lot more to do before this project is done. What else do you do?

When a group of high school students get involved in the fight for peace in their small town, they learn the hard way that they must protect themselves in a world where anything can happen.

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