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The obvious answer would be to keep the wheelbase as narrow as possible. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for many people. Some people’s hands naturally get tired. And, I’m pretty sure most people can’t drive a car that’s as wide as the one pictured above. This is a car that needs more wheelbase, so let’s draw another narrow one:

So, we’ve made our width narrower, but our wheelbase has stayed the same. To figure out how high we’d need the wheelbase to be, we have to know that the steering ratio is the distance between the center point of the steering head and the center of the steering wheel. Here’s the steering ratio (we’ll get to turning radius next) for a car with 4×8 wheels, a ratio of 1.04:

(4×8×1.04) = 60.5

In this case it looks like the car needs about 60 inches of wheelbase in order for the steering ratio to be right at the right amount. This is the perfect length for any beginner, especially for a 2-door.

Of course there’s more to the equation than just the steering ratio, but it makes life easier for the designer. Here is the geometry for some of our other options:

(4×8×1.04) = 57.5

Note that the ratio is 1.04. This means that the steering radius should be between 56.5 inches and 55.9 inches, the wheelbase should be 56.5 inches, and that it will need a wheelbase of 57.5 inches. The problem with these options is that they are all narrower than the car pictured above:

(4×8×1.04) = 54.5

The same car has to be at 55.9 inches of wheelbase if we want the wheelbase to be 54 inches.

So, our car needs to have a ratio of 1.04:
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(4×8×1.04) = 54.5

As we can see, we’re still not going to be able to draw the size that we need, even with our new proportions. We’re also not going to be able to put our driver inside easily or move our front seat to get all of our passengers in. Most people tend to forget about the back seat; most designers tend to draw those seats in the same way the rest of the car uses it. As we saw in the

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