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A lot of water goes into that. It’s important to be respectful of the water and understand how it works.”

For those unfamiliar with the process, the process is a little more convoluted than most.

“There are two stages,” said Hirschhorn. “First is it begins with a little bit of water, a lot of water. Second is it goes through a series of filters. … There are about 15,000 species of fished fish that are processed by this. They are cleaned thoroughly and put into some type of container to put it into the tank, and then it can be turned on the fish-feeding station.”

It can be a slow process for many fish, but Hirschhorn, who has been working at the facility since 2002, said the fish keep themselves busy for a few days before they feel confident enough to return to the water. If they are fed on a regular basis, they go about their business all day, Hirschhorn said.

“They are very active during the day and will be active from seven a.m., until about midnight,” he said.

As fish eat and digest all the food, they go through an “overgrowth” of bacteria or bacteria-like organisms that break the bacteria down into smaller bacteria, which then feed on the nutrients in them.

“The nutrients are in their digestive juices and their tissues themselves,” said Hirschhorn.

Hirschhorn said the plant is equipped for feeding and keeping up with all the fish, while still having a quiet environment.

“You have to have a way to get to work every day, but if you have a place to go to get a drink of water, it’s nice to not hear the sounds of the operation,” Hirschhorn said. “The facility is designed from the bottom-up, and you can get that feeling of being really in the middle of the action.”

If someone comes in a bit before 7 p.m., and it looks like something might come in, Hirschhorn said he’d be on the lookout for fish that are sick or injured. He says most complaints are resolved within an hour or two of hearing.

“If this is your priority, just call us,” said Hirschhorn. “We want you here in our space as long as you like, and we’re happy to provide you with your daily ration, which you feed them on a daily basis.”

The facilities are equipped with a special tank

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