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We wanted to capture the spirit of the company — to evoke the essence, the spirit of the man, and the spirit of the work. That was part of our desire for this project. It’s not necessarily how the logo looks, but how it speaks to people. The Ford Foundation is very much about helping people. So we thought about how the logo would capture the essence and spirit of the foundation as a whole. And it made sense to work with the Ford Foundation, because the Foundation has been about helping people for decades — it was started in 1906, and its mission was created after the fire that killed thousands of people.

For you and this work, what was the catalyst? How did this connection between philanthropy and sports become stronger than ever before?

I remember when I was first working on this, our goal was to find a good sports logo that had a connection to the foundation. So we looked and looked and searched and searched for the perfect sports logo. And over time there was a lot of discussion about what could we do to bridge the gap between these two, and as we started to explore that and came up with something that we wanted it to be an homage to the foundation and all the people who are behind-the-scenes — so we really felt that the logo and the words that were associated with The Ford Foundation were the perfect match to represent these two aspects of the Ford brand.

This is a very powerful logo, and I think it captures — it can capture the essence of the Ford brand, but it also makes a point about the things that the Ford Foundation does — like philanthropy. It’s a point that people should understand about the Ford Foundation. People don’t necessarily understand all the things that they do behind-the-scenes. It’s a huge deal and one that we believe the brand is positioned to communicate to, and I think that the logo is very symbolic.

The Ford Foundation and the new logo

How do you feel the new logo represents the Foundation’s vision for the future of innovation and sustainability in auto?
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So I think the Ford Foundation has a vision for how the brand is positioned to bring about positive change for the world in cars. And the new logo represents that vision and is a great complement to our brand.

You can learn more about the new Ford Foundation Ford logo here.

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