How do you draw a Ford logo? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro Drawing Instructional Sheets And Giggles

Fordeck: Well, you would make two or three sketches, so that there were a lot of people out there. I was actually sitting around looking at them one day, and I would decide something to go with it and just start scribbling and scribbling. So I was going like this … I was going the “Ford” thing. And I came up with the idea that the image was just a silhouette of someone standing to the left of the front of the car, sort of like the front of a giant truck or something. It was just a huge silhouette, which was just sort of funny.

It’s like a little piece of paper, with just a little bit of the head of the thing.

Fordeck: Yeah, so you come up with a couple of drawings of these cars, and you just go like, “Oh shit, I love that idea of this,” and then I would sketch out other things that I liked as far as it was a simple silhouette. I would just start just drawing a little bit. It was just sort of in a very, very informal way of creating a sketch. But I would draw the whole front of the car with those two black dots and I was done, and I think it just started from there.

What did you see in cars that you loved?

Cynthia: I actually really liked the V8 Mustang. I got the original blue one, like, a year before it was done.

Fordeck: In fact, I think I was really into blue the whole time that I was in England. I mean, I never did paint my nails. I never did that stuff. I did not even like the paint-on-the-curb stuff because I was worried about being seen with my nails on the curb. Because, the way the paint looks on the curb, it would be too obvious. “Oh God, I just saw my nails in a car.”

So that was the first car I really liked, I think.

Fordeck: I loved the Mustang. It was the first car I ever got that I bought, I think it was just like a year after it came out. I had it, and I don’t know if it was like when I was still painting stuff, but I had that Mustang sitting there for a minute, and I loved it.

Was it your very first car that you started painting cars with?


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