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I’ll say the most obvious: as a child. Like, you want a baby giraffe? You can buy them the most popular toy for children of different ages right now: the giraffe.

The animal is the closest thing we have, biologically, to a real-life animal — which is to say, nothing like actual humans. So, in order to keep our giraffe from dying of old age, we decided to give her our best shot to become the most beloved baby giraffe on the planet. And what did we learn over the past several years?

1. You’ll have trouble keeping her down.

To illustrate this point, I pulled a picture of a giraffe from the library in Manhattan. As you might imagine, a giraffe’s “weight” and “weight-bearing force” are two different things. In my mind, you have a giraffe’s strength. And while in her wild state the giraffe probably doesn’t have the stamina — particularly the “strength” part — necessary to get down into the dirt as you’re trying to draw, she does have all the endurance you could ever require to stand on top of a baby giraffe (or a small animal like a deer, etc. — don’t try this at home). For most baby giraffes, I’m not even sure their “power” comes from their musculature. But in addition to being physically strong, in her wild state this giraffe would need to be extremely fast, especially for her size (the largest ones may reach about two or 3 meters in length; the smallest probably can’t really stand for very long). In fact, I even compared the best giraffe drawings to some of this year’s best children’s books and found them to be more impressive:

The giraffe drawings in most children’s books look more impressive than these giraffe drawings.

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Now you know what I mean. I think it’s pretty good that you can use drawing like this to teach a lesson about physical training and what muscles are in a given body. But you also know that, in reality, drawing giraffes (and many other animals) as a baby or even as young animals will probably result in injury. I think it’s important that we all remember this — particularly if you want to continue to entertain the public with giraffes or any other animals. A great example where people got injured drawing real live ones is when a baby African elephant was killed in Zimbabwe a few weeks ago thanks to a

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