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The basic drawing of an ape and man, done by a master carver. The only thing needed is an iron and some kind of paint (the paint, not the skin) and you’re golden!

This image was created for the site ‘The Uncarved Man’, by Paul Davenport.

The U.S. Postal Service is currently negotiating with Postal Workers Union Local 1005 regarding several contract negotiations, including a possible contract extension with no raises in years two and three.

This is the ninth year of a seven-year contract. In that time the USPS has seen a decline in sales for mail volume and a steep drop in the average daily rate of mail, with annual mail volume on average declining by 17 percent in the last five years.

Despite a steep decline in mail volume over the years, mail volume continues to remain at about $80 billion per year after growing at about 2 percent annually as a result of aggressive investments in post offices and other post offices.

In addition, a number of other costs associated with mailing have continued to go up, such as shipping and delivery charges for domestic letter services, postage and sorting costs for domestic letter services, and the cost of maintaining delivery areas.

According to the contract, the USPS must also continue to provide “competitively competitive pay and benefits,” and it must provide the USPS with the capacity to “permit each USPS workforce to develop and maintain their own specialized skills in any of its areas of specialty.”

The union argues that the postal monopoly is a bad business model on several levels, including its reliance on government subsidies and direct contracting, as well as the cost of using public and private sector labor for all activities, including the need for workers to “occupy all postal lines” to provide delivery services.

The union has also been critical of the lack of oversight over this monopoly, arguing that it is “not in the interests of the public” to have “one agency serving more than 90 percent of the population.”

The contract will expire on Sept. 30, 2017, and a tentative agreement regarding the future of this contract was presented this morning by the USPS.

The union wants a three-year freeze on new employee contracts to take effect at end of September. That means no pay increases for those who have been laid off by the end of October for the year 2016 because they have been unable to renew their contracts.

The union also wants a one-year freeze on all employees’ health care

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