How do you draw a Lamborghini? – How To Draw Lightning Mcqueen From Cars 3

I draw Lamborghinis.

What do you draw?

I draw things that make me laugh.

How do you draw a lambo?

I draw Lamborghinis. And I draw them in color.

What do you draw?

A Lamborghini?

I believe we have a lot of questions and it seems like you’re making a lot of fun with them.

I mean, I’m not, but I try.

So is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming season and other projects?

I’m shooting season 3.

What do you like about that?

It’s kind of like I always said when we’re not doing any other stuff: I want to show you the new thing. I feel like some of the things we do are more of a learning experience, but some of it is just fun. [Laughs] So, it would be cool.

Where are you shooting season 3?

Lamborghini factory in Italy.

Where do you want to shoot season 3?

I don’t really see why that would be important.

You say you don’t see reasons why, but I’m trying.

It’s a great city to work at.

We’re always trying to see reasons why. I feel like we have one where we’re still working in production in Los Angeles.

How did you arrive on this part of Lamborghini’s schedule?

I think in the beginning the first few weeks of the season I wasn’t very active, but then it just kind of took away. I think it was actually just the right time in my life. I have my own family, so everything was perfect for me.

Are you planning on working on any other Lamborghini models?

I have a job right now to draw things. I know in the future I will be available if other jobs are needed or if there’s more work that needs to be done.

What does your job entail?

My job is to draw Lamborghinis for the Lamborghini and Pirelli agencies.

Is there a particular job you’ve done?

I did a Lamborghini one. I was the one who created the paint colors. The color was called “Chazzarato.”

Who’s the coolest girl to work for?

My boss is the best.
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