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Draw a tiger, I like the lion and the tiger. Don’t want a tiger.”

But, in the end, the tiger lost, and the lions were victorious, as the people at that time were not much at ease with tigers. The author’s comment: “The man who makes a tiger do something he doesn’t want him to do because he ‘can’t stand’ the thing is not the man who has to live without it. The tiger is a problem because we don’t live in a jungle, but rather a world, and, in our world, with our problems, tigers are a part of it.
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Another comment: What is a tiger? A lion. In my country, I do not have big cats of course, and yet, I do not live in a jungle – that’s a very different world. But when I am in my country, tigers are a part of it.”

Till then, when we are talking of tigers, what we are talking about is a tiger who has gone to a very strong level – who has a very powerful body. But in the human body, a good tiger is not a bad tiger – it is a tiger who has gone to a very strong level.

Tigers are tigers for the wild and, of course, that is not so in India. A tiger who has broken free from human culture is definitely not to be reckoned with. That’s because tigers are not made that way. In India, because of the caste system, a lion will not go away. A tiger who has gone through a revolution where he doesn’t have to follow the same rules as any other man is the tiger who has gone to a very powerful level.

We have a lot in common with other countries. The word the world uses to describe it (humanity) is something which the people in India call ksatriya. But ksatriya does not mean a tiger; it means human.

For us, a human being is a tiger, and a tiger is a ‘human being’.

Tigers are very powerful and they want all the money, all the women. They have a bad habit of not letting go of what they have, and one thing you see in our country with our problems is that people, because they are not aware of them and are so accustomed to the tiger, do not like to get rid of that animal, in order that they might have a chance to have happiness without that tiger. It is very

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