How do you draw a llama? – How To Draw A Car From Above Easy

If you’ve ever been on vacation with your family, the llamas usually look like they want to get out and they’ve already eaten. The thing about llamas is that they’re very intelligent animals, so once they’ve eaten, what you try to do is get them to move and it’s a different process than you see for any other animal on Earth. The first time you feed your llama they’ll stand and stare at you and they can’t really move around very much so your job is to get them to move a lot. If they don’t move, you have to repeat the cycle until they do. They can’t be afraid of you, they can’t think about you or look at you very much when you feed them. And once they’ve consumed enough food, they’re very hungry again and they might eat two or three times so you then have to try and get them to move again. And if you’re not able to get them to move, they’ll just sit there. So it has to be a very controlled process that’s very quiet, very quiet, I mean you don’t want them to see you or make any noise. It’s about four-footed, four-legged animals, they don’t run, they don’t get scared of humans, they’re just like big birds, so they just stay where they are. I have to use a little bit of deception, but it turns out that’s good because once you have them moving they can sense people coming, they can smell people and they can see people, they can see shadows. They start moving to get away.

So the llama works as a security guard, as a guard who’s very skilled at working in darkness, so he has to be quite stealthy. And so, when he’s going around in the shadows, he’s also guarding the doors. So, we set up a cage in the middle of the house, we had to build it over the floor but it’s not visible to the llama so he can’t see it. And his job is to stay on the outside of the house, he’s in the middle of the dark corner so he can see the door but not see anyone behind the house. So then we have to come up with one of those really simple things, like one of those dark pens, like a little ball of cardboard that covers the middle of the wall. And then we put a door in his mouth so that he can’t see or hear the door from down the hall.

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