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And what is the meaning of a llama? The mystery was solved by an artist who was called the “Master llama” because he was thought to be able to draw llamas from afar. In his masterpiece, Draw a llama, the great artist shows how to draw this beast for himself. When he began his practice, he used a few drawings to get started, and then was able to make many of them in one fell swoop.

This video of lamas from the Tibetan mountains has captivated and perplexed the rest of the world. To create this masterpiece, he began by drawing a “manlike” llama, which he called an “eagle-man,” a reference to a bird of prey. The artist then created a pair of llama feet. The process was repeated over and over, drawing the animal’s body in a variety of poses.

The final step was to use colored pencils, paint, and brush strokes to create the full body of the beast. It took the artist nine months and many drawings to create this masterwork.

Watch the llama masterpiece here!

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I have a new hobby. I love to draw. I’ve made over a hundred images from my computer which I use in my job as a graphic artist. And I’m sure there are many others out there who are just as happy with their art, but I just couldn’t bear to let go!

So I created these tiny mini posters. These were one of my very first ever ideas for making a mini poster and I have been making them for fun and inspiration ever since! I made the poster shown below.

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Now, I’ve had a few of them up on my site and a friend of mine has gone through and fixed the typos and added more images. These are the official ones that came with each book from this little project. Click to download the PDF on Adobe® Acrobat® |

And if you have any other mini posters you’d like to see, please let me know! Click to download the PDF on Adobe® Acrobat® |

This is one of our popular short stories called, “Rent A Dementor”, by Paul Morrissey.

When you’re dead, your neighbors think you’re a ghost… or at least something like that. When you’re alive, they can’t figure out that you’re a real ghost. It’s a funny little mystery in

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