How do you draw a llama?

Do you draw it as a whole? If it’s a whole llama, it’s going to be much more realistic, and your work is going to stand out and be a bit more special. If it’s just a head, you don’t even notice the eyes and mouth, so it isn’t that much of a stretch. I used a bit of charcoal to simulate the eyeballs.

I think my favourite thing is that whenever you create a picture, it’s only after you’ve drawn it. And sometimes I do just create a picture and start sketching.
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N: In your sketches for the picture, do you sketch the movements and movements of the characters, or also the shapes on the picture itself?

JN: I start sketching the shapes like that, then I put the shading on it. I draw it out for a while, and when I’m done, I put it back on the canvas where I’ve done it first.

N: You’ve drawn a lot of animals in your previous works. Have you drawn all sorts of creatures?

JN: No, the animals are the main thing.

N: You have had a range of different influences on your works. Your style seems to be very influenced by western animation. Is it because western animation influenced you so much?

JN: In the beginning it was a little bit influenced by western animation like Star Trek and Star Wars. But then we realised that western animation could do something much, much better. So we started drawing in different styles like the style of my own style or Disney animation style.

N: Did you draw your drawings with a pencil that you made in a drawing-mode? Or did you draw with a brush or a pen? Or did you always draw with the brush?

JN: We always drew with a brush. I’d take a piece of paper, and I’d use that as the canvas. If you put pencils and brush strokes with different colours on the paper, it’s very easy to paint with the brush.

N: How do you think the style has changed since your early days of drawing with a pencil and a brush?

JN: It’s changed a lot. It’s been a lot of different things. Nowadays, when you draw with a brush, you’re using a very different style. Like if you look at a picture from the 30s or even in the early 1950s, the picture is all about