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Well I’ve spent quite a bit of time with this one,” says the artist and illustrator, the man responsible for some of the most popular and iconic works by Disney.

We were talking to Fordham University creative student, Michael E. Taylor, who has brought some of the most widely-known cartoon characters to life on the streets of Times Square.

Fordham was a big fan of the cartoon, so in addition to bringing it to life in an art show in 2013 it’s put Fordham’s students on the run from the law.

“This is not just a car, this is a whole character that’s coming on to the subway map,” Taylor says, referring to the characters of Sully in the Star Wars films and Big Thunder in the Super Mario Bros. games, he says.

Eagle-eyed onlookers spotted the two figures, sitting on top of subway cars.

As the train pulled away, a train attendant had to help the guy on the top of the car.

Taylor says that the artist, who also painted Superman and Batman for DC Comics, created several other works in Times Square and is very close to Fordham students.

“They were really, really great, and my students really loved them.”

While he says he hasn’t drawn the horses for advertising or any other commercial uses, he did take his friend Steve Smith’s two brothers on a tour of the art show.

“They really had a great time at those shows and there’s no limits to what can be done with these characters. They’re just as expressive, and they’re just as fun to draw as any characters you’ve ever seen.”

We asked Fordham’s artistic director John M. Eppinger why he liked the drawing of Sully.

“He’s a great character. He’s a little bit eccentric and he’s a little bit naughty, but he can really get down with whatever he wants and just go with it… and he’s a real fighter and he loves the outdoors.”

Eppinger also believes the concept of the comic book character is a nice fit for Times Square, “We are all about a sense of community, and one part of that is to take something and capture it on this really large scale that isn’t supposed to be there, but that people are going to look at and talk about day to day and what’s there and what’s a thing to take pictures of.”

He said he’s excited

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