How do you draw a person?

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The idea is to start out with a lot of information, then you can work from there. If you are a beginner and have no art experience, it may be helpful to have someone in front of you sketching you. A quick sketch of someone is generally fine.

What should I do at the end?

If the drawing is going well, you may want to draw the person again. If the drawing is still a challenge or you aren’t happy or satisfied with the result, you can always change things up at the last minute.

How do you know when you’ve finished?

To be sure of the outcome, you should try and keep the final drawing under three hours. You may need to make adjustments at the last minute to account for different lighting effects on a face, etc.

Where should we start?

Generally, a picture is about how it will look on paper. A drawing can be used for lots of different purposes so it’s up to the artist to decide what should be included. The goal is to make the image the most pleasing possible to them.

What can I draw that you can’t?

We want to see all of the artistic possibilities so we ask you to think of anything you think is good or is a good idea or even your own idea. This might include drawings of flowers, birds, objects, animals, whatever. We’re not looking to draw pictures that are realistic or would look realistic in front of an audience, but we are looking to try to give your drawings an emotional impact and also how you think they should look. This can be as simple as a simple “Wow! Wow!”

Should I draw flowers?

Flowers have been used by humans for hundreds of thousands of years, and they are an excellent way to symbolise how things might look in your own life. There are many reasons for using flowers, but we are here to encourage creativity, and as long as it’s respectful and keeps you respectful, by all means use flowers.

What should I draw that will just take an hour?

We understand that it will take many hours to draw one picture, so feel free to give us a piece of it that’s a quick idea or to sketch something that is simple in what you’ve drawn. However, we will want to see the finished product and its overall look. In fact, that’s what’s most important when it comes to deciding how to finalise the drawing!