How do you draw a race car? – How To Draw A Sports Car

I don’t know. I draw what I can make happen.”

So how does the driver’s view mirror yours on the inside? What exactly did he see or do that made him look into the cockpit of that racing machine with that face?

“I saw a lot of guys on the inside, guys that looked good out there, guys who had never won an IndyCar championship,” said Barber. “I saw good cars – good drivers. Some guys were coming, some guys were going – they made the race. You never get that feel out there as you get out where the car is, it’s just the track that sucks. You really have to make the time to get there. There is nothing else to do – drive at Indy.”

So what is the driver’s job or role?

“The job of a driver is to make the cars run well for the first half of the race,” said Barber. “I don’t know what role the other race car guy did as we left the pit lane after the first lap, we didn’t know what we were doing, we were getting ready. Then we came off pit lane, got on the back of a big car. We kind of started a lot of the conversation about the race.

“I’ve always been more focused on being part of the show, being part of a race. This (the season) was a great show. If you go outside and you sit on the front row you’re surrounded by all this stuff and we got to see a lot of great stuff. You look around and go ‘Wow, this is all happening here!'”

In your estimation what are the biggest elements of the IndyCar schedule right now?

“There is the start of the season. We have to make it clear to the fans what we are doing, how far along we are and the way it’s going to unfold,” said Barber.

“Right after the start of the season, we have some really good races. We don’t need to rush it, so we can let the fans figure this out. If you can get the fans pumped to get the race on the road (for 2017) it really does make a race weekend special.”

What else are you working on?

“There is a lot of different things going on,” said Barber. “I’m working on the new car and we are starting to get it installed on the track. I haven’t done much outside of that – this is

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