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A track at Pocono? A racetrack in the woods?”

“They’re doing the two-day test to find out where the technology comes from,” said Kevin Smith, the team’s chief mechanic.

Smith works for Hyrdo, which is the primary builder for the Dallara’s. He got to see and hear the new project at the team’s facility in Florida earlier this month.

“It’s still a test car, there’s still a lot of work to do to turn that into a race car,” he said.

Like all test cars, the Hyrdo Dallara’s is basically an open cockpit, but like most of them it doesn’t have aero parts. The engine is just a two-barrel carburetor.

But its air intake is big enough to fit a new type of air pump that is capable of providing better performance than typical intakes.

The engine’s valves are bigger than typical Dallaras to improve engine noise. That also helps to increase RPM.

“We wanted to have the best engine possible,” Smith said.

Because of its closed cockpit, it still cannot carry two drivers. Smith said no racecars can do that today.

Other technical developments include lightweight wheels and tires. The design includes a titanium brake rotor which Smith describes as “the best in the world.”

Also, the cockpit is less than 100 square inches when the Dallara’s is in competition mode.

So while it’s still a prototype — “It’s an engineering prototype,” Smith said — Smith expects the Hyrdo Dallara to make it to full speed development by 2013.

“We’re hoping to do it at Pikes Peak in September,” he said.

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The Burning Throne.

The Burning Throne, once the Throne of the Three Hammers, is the central portal for all of Stormwind City. It is also, according to the Cataclysm, a location where the spirits of slain champions can be resurrected.[1]

This was the seat of rule for King Llane.[2]

The Throne was destroyed by the Lich King in the fall of the Lich King during the Third War. The Burning Throne can be found in the ruins of Stormwind City. Its origins and purpose are unknown. The ancient draenei still live there.


The Burning Throne is located, on the northeast border, and across the

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