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Take, for example, an average American woman. She has five siblings and a father. Each one of those children has a sister, a brother, and three sisters. And each of those girls and boys is sexually assaulted each and every single day in school. If you put it all together—sex, family, sexual assault—that’s just a very complicated recipe. That’s why you can’t do this in any way using any of these techniques that are used in the world today. And there’s no way you can do this using any of the magic tricks that people are using right here. What you need is a way that really really looks at each individual part of her body to think about what she’s about to do. And if you’re right, you know exactly what she does. You know the sequence of what she does. And now you have a gun, with all of the components in place that you need for what you need to do. But you never get to the finish line, because when people see how it works, they’re like “I can’t believe you would do this.”

I really think the truth here is probably that even if we did get to a place where we’re able to do this, it wouldn’t be enough because women would still be having these kinds of attacks from a variety of sources and from a wide variety of people on a daily basis and it may be that we might even get to the point where we start to see other people do these things. So for the people who claim to be on the right side of this, this may be what they’re trying to do. I mean, it would certainly be nice to be able to pull the trigger, and it’s a real shame that the gun lobby doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

JT: I was wondering, are they going to come after people like Glenn Beck for not understanding the science, or are they going to start looking back at those guns that are made by an unknown person? [Laughs.]

JT: I think we can expect a lot of things out of those people who’ve sold millions of firearms and have nothing to do with science. But if they think that they have any more control or right to do whatever they like, there will come a time when they will have to step up. And because of my background, which is having studied these kinds of things, I see a whole slew of people who are coming after me for trying to expose what’s going on, to show people

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