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Can’t the drawings of trucks be just as effective for adults?

I am sure you had this question on your mind recently when the first video of the first LEGO Bucky and Friends set went up last week (click here to watch). This was a LEGO Bucky and Friends set with the addition of trucks from the 1970-1980 series.

In this particular set, a guy named Steve, from the future, has a truck that he uses to transport his own kids, and he does this over the course of many years (he uses these trucks as a time machine, but I’ll get to that in a minute).

As much as I loved that first video of that set, my friends and I all had different ideas on what might work for the first LEGO Bucky and Friends set. Here are my thoughts!

First, I had been playing with this truck concept by using LEGO Bucky (not the first LEGO figure) to build several different versions. Since Steve got into trucking, let’s build a couple of versions of Steve.

First, how about the original Bucky and Friends version. This is my second version. This is the same set as in the Bucky and Friends video!

Here is how I did the second set of Steve.

First thing to do is build the same truck as you did before, but build it into form. I started by using the back of Steve’s head as a guide for the design. I then used a piece of brick to create the back part of the truck. I added a truck bed, then added another brick to create the roof. The roof could be left flat or raised slightly, for a flat roof. I wanted the top part of this shape to be raised slightly.

Here is the back of Steve’s truck!

I added a truck axle with the “Y” shaped part. This gives the top of this model a longer, more rounded look. To the rear of the head I added an “A” on a piece of brick. We will take the “A” and make a “C” and “T” to make the wheels.

Here is how the “T” and “C” wheels look. On the “B” side I started building up the sides, followed by making the “M” into a notch for the top part, then adding four more bricks to make this round. With the “A” I made a notch for the wheels.

Here is

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