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Draw a big truck with a big, red-and-gold “X” on it? I’ll bet he has been drawing big trucks since he was a kid, you know.” I had to smile. Maybe he was right.

The kids weren’t sure where they were, so we parked.

* * *

By then, there was only a few of us left in New York. We stayed about a mile from the building, so even if the police got here before we did, we could see them from there. That was our only hope.

The last thing they needed was an accident!

To the other side of Manhattan’s city limits, you can see the Empire State Building, which has a grand, sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline, and the Statue of Liberty.

The Empire State Building is a very impressive structure and some people claim it is the most recognizable building in America, but it’s not really all that.

The Empire State Building is no longer as high as it used to be. Back in 1913 it was only a six story building—a single-story building, actually, but the building was still taller than most buildings in Manhattan at the time. In the 1980s it was lowered to six stories to make room for the station—it still stands tall, even from here.

There were other changes to the Empire State Building too, including the removal of the “E” at the top.

Then, in 1989, with the completion of the Chrysler Building, the “E” was removed.

All of these architectural changes led to a lot of confusion. It’s the same story every time you’ve been in New York. Everyone wants to go from one place to the next, and so when someone tells you where the Empire State Building is, they get a lot confused about where they’re supposed to be.

The building we were now going to see was the main entrance of a building called the New York Building Authority, or NYWA, built in 1904.

* * *

NYWA was a state-run building. All the people who worked there were government employees—there were no private citizens involved, which created many of the problems you’d hear from other travelers.

The building began as the Empire State Building and moved from the former Empire State Building down to the New York Ferry Building and then onto the New York State Building.

It was called the New York Building Authority, or NY

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