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This project is for an educational series about the history of the game of golf, especially on the African American community and the struggle between them while developing their own game.

This project was inspired by the fact I was sitting on a chair in my living room, and felt I was too old to learn how the game was played. I was too far gone. My first attempts at getting someone to play the golf game were the most enjoyable of all. With your help, I can create a program in order to bring people into the fun and understanding of the fun and learning of the game.

About the History of Golf

First started in Africa by the Africans, many white Americans would be exposed to the game, but, without the understanding, many would not be able to understand it. But, as time passed, all these rules began to change, and with the invention of the tee, the game spread to the other continents. At this point, the game moved to the Americas. And there, the game became so popular, that it was seen as an important part of the culture.

The golf game has been played by men, women and children throughout the world for over a thousand years. However, the fact that it has moved from Africa and into this country, where the game had not been played for centuries, is what inspired me to create this project.

The Game:

The game is simple in nature. A hole is marked with a string, and players tee up. When their tee shot gets to the hole, a bell tolls, signaling they have missed. The ball then drops into one of the basket-like parts of the tee set, and is placed to the side, where the hole will be formed, allowing the players to score.

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