How do you draw a zebra? – Drawing A Car In One Point Perspective

As I said in my earlier answer, there is a simple strategy to draw a zebra. In the beginning, draw a vertical line from the apex of the zebra’s body at the point of the shoulder to the point where the zebra’s tail is curved. As the zebra grows, you can move it up and down the line gradually.

Then, once the zebra is large enough, you can gradually decrease the zebra’s size and increase the length of the line. After the zebra is large enough, it can grow by lengthening or lengthening it’s tail, as well as adding a few inches to the tip of the body. And if the zebra has a pointy tail, then it’s easier to move up and down than it is to draw a horizontal line. If any of you have a good idea for the shape of such a line, feel free to take a second to go and draw it!

Now, let’s move on to the other big-ass, big-ass-shaped creature of the equine world, the pony!


Before I begin showing my pony drawings, let me tell you that it is very frustrating to draw a pony. This is because they are quite big and very different from their smaller cousins (rabbits, doves, etc.). They are also very different from their larger cousins to the point that it is nearly impossible to convey the size difference adequately. And they have so many weird parts.

So, I am not going to tell you a strategy for drawing a pony. And that means that it is not going to be all that relevant to our explanation of the drawing itself.

There are different ways to draw a pony. But as far as we can tell here, they’re all a bit the same.

As I said above, a good rule for drawing a pony in a traditional style is to start on the ground. You are going to want to use several different techniques to figure out where to start on the ground when drawing. I will break it down further in the next section, but for now we need an understanding of where we’re working so that we can get things straightened out.

Ponies also differ in size. In this drawing, the pony is drawn larger because she is a good size for the drawing.

At this time, you should also be aware that the “pony’s head” is the same height as the “pony body

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