How do you draw a zebra? – Top View Of Car Drawing Easy

What about a giraffe? Well, I’ll tell you…it is a zebra. Why? I’m not sure, but I guess it has to do with…friction. (proudly) I’m going to draw this giraffe first. Then I’ll show my mother the giraffe. She’ll probably be surprised I’m one of them. That means I’m going to draw the other animals. That will make her happy. You’ll see. Now, if you would like to hear some more story time, I’ll tell you about a unicorn. (sigh) What is that? That is a unicorn. Now I’ll draw it. You can tell her about unicorns. But before I do, just tell me something…what is a unicorn? Well, I’ll tell you. A unicorn is just a horse…like a horse, except with an extra horn on its forehead. (pause) …and, uh…oh. (pause) Oh, that’s something? Ah. (somewhat sternly) What is that? That is a unicorn. Now, take a close look at it. (pause) Huh? A horse? Oh! A unicorn. A lot of people don’t know this, but a unicorn is a rare species of horse. They’re found in North Africa to the Middle East and to the north. You’d have to look all the way north and west, and down to the coast of India if you wanted to see one. I wouldn’t want to risk getting my horn caught on that rock, though. I’ll just put it there. Now, take my horn. (suddenly, excitedly, excitedly) Oh! Mm-hm! Is it as big as yours? (giggles) Why do you laugh? You just like hearing about how beautiful the horse was. (pause) But now…let me pull up my shirt. I’ll keep this nice and loose on you. (pulls down her shirt) Mm-hm! Here I am, all grown up, and I can’t find my pants. I guess you’d better look for me. So what do you wanna do, little-girl? (giggles) Well, I’m gonna take my shirt off, and I’ll pull it down over my hips. (pause) Well, that’s better. So, how about you take it off, and I’ll put this…well, I guess that’s your belt, too. Then I’ll

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