How do you draw an army vehicle?

Well, you start with what you know about the vehicle: you want the commander, for example…you don’t want to build the entire tank from the ground up. But you need the crew to be able to drive it and get a sense of the size, the weight, and the overall performance of the tank when you have the commander driving it. That’s what the commander does in the movie, by the way.

This is about the latest versions of the game!

Here is a list of any new updates made since the last build:

The old code will be back on the new game page, so don’t update it!

Here’s what’s new from today’s release:


New “Dynamism” system that dynamically adjusts terrain to fit your needs.

New “Toggle” and “Show On Map” buttons for customizing the view.

Some minor graphics tweaks, new icons and a number of small fixes and tweaks.

A new “Auto-hide” mode that prevents the GUI from being visible while you are in a vehicle that currently has it active — so no more waiting for the vehicle to get moved over before you can customize it.

All vehicles now have a small amount of collision to the ground, giving you a small (roughly 1) less chance of sliding down the slopes from being parked there.

If you drive a buggy, you are now considered to be a “roadie”, since this game is not meant for driving around on trails.

A new “Roadkill” animation to help make your character in game look more realistic. In the game, the character will usually be in an advanced or fully loaded state (in addition to the more basic “In game” animations that are usually used). In addition, the character will become unsteady and unsteady when he/she gets hit by vehicles.

A new “Faction” system that dynamically adjusts the game’s map to take advantage of your individual faction.

The “Misc” button gives you access to many new game features, including mod support, game customization, modding support with Cogmind, and usermade mods.

New “Vendor” items to make selling your items easier (with a few more caveats…we have yet to make full support for those)

Modding has a few new methods (like the “moved and sold” button.)