How do you draw an old truck?

For the new trucker it’s easy. The old truck has some of the characteristics of the old vehicle from the time before modern improvements were made and some of the characteristics from a modern truck. You can easily see it from the side. For example that roof rack is not as clean as it would be if the old truck was fully loaded.

To draw a modern truck you need a lot of extra details like all the chrome parts. It usually requires a whole new set of paint. If you can do that you will be able to draw a modern truck. With the use of a pen on a white paper it is almost impossible to mess up the lines. This particular truck has not been used for years and is not fully dirty. You can see there are no old parts and no old paint. This is a great example of how a modern truck can look.

Old Motorcycle

The next truck to draw is the old bicycle. This particular picture was taken right after the bike was scrapped. The frame is still in pretty good shape, however there is a very obvious problem. On the front wheel there is a bad piece of metal in the chain link. This seems like it should be gone. It isn’t. The frame was never taken down for any reason. We’ll just have to make do.

To draw a modern motorcycle you need details like the original parts. Even though the frame and wheels were very worn out, the original grease seal was not. We can still work with this one. The old fork isn’t totally dirty. That was because the old fork was in its original spot on the fork in the first place. The same can be said about the suspension. The old suspension is completely covered in grease and there is no grease underneath the bottom of the fork. Everything looks good as can be.

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I have been a painter for over 20 years and have to say that I wish I had started sooner. I hope you find some cool articles from around the web. We can draw anything right?

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