How do you draw Deadpool?

I have not drawn Deadpool yet. The script he got was great, and he is like a lot of people in Hollywood. He’s really down to earth and very down to earth. It’s very hard to draw him in an insane, hyper-detailed style, but that was what I did. I don’t think I ever drew him that much like that. But you know, it’s what makes Deadpool different and different than other people. Deadpool is the first superhero I’ve ever drawn, and I have drawn a couple of people, but I’ve drawn Deadpool more than anybody I know.

Were you a fan of the character before you made the film?

I was, but that is the story of Deadpool. And I guess that’s what makes Deadpool so different than most other superheroes, because the reason I like Deadpool is because it’s so different than most comic book heroes. Deadpool is very cool, and I’m not going to say he can’t be scary, but it has to be different. I would never say that his actions are the most evil. It’s also not something that I would ever, ever put in a comic book.

Is Deadpool a hard man to draw?

No, I’ve tried to get around that. He’s very, very quick to put a big X on his chest because he’s a really quick thinker. The action is a lot easier, because I don’t want the audience to get discouraged if something goes wrong. I don’t want to make it a horror movie where everybody dies or something. So I don’t want to scare your audience, so I put him up against a wall if they run into trouble. I don’t want to draw Deadpool as scary, but I do want him to be a little scary, because I want to entertain you.

There’s a big battle in Deadpool in the first half of the film that, as you’re pulling out the pieces, was almost too big to even fit in a standard comic book panel. What went into putting together that sequence?

I’ll tell you I tried to capture all of that in the first day. The big fight scenes. I had to find a lot of it, because I’m trying to show you that the hero is able to defeat this guy in the way that a typical comic book guy fights. I like to draw people fighting, so I wanted to put people fighting. I don’t want to tell you that they won the fight, but I did like to make