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He’s always been in a state of denial — a little out of control. He believes himself to be immortal, that his body is his own. But in real life, he just sort of feels immortal, he doesn’t get any emotions, and he’s incredibly self-centred about everything. When you put himself in that sort of state, he’s not always capable of handling the world that he’s immersed in. Plus he’s very funny, but sometimes he has a very bleak outlook. So I always think that it’s a great metaphor for where we can be in the movie — in the past where he’s been sort of this kind of anti-hero who’s been brought down by his own self-delusions and his own insecurity. When you put a woman in a position like that, it’s kind of a good thing. You’ve got to start somewhere. And it’s not even to do with his ability to take risks; I think sometimes it’s because he can’t.

It seems obvious you have to find some compromise between the two, because Deadpool is so fun in his head that you can’t help but turn to him for advice.
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I think he’s very good at coming up with things, but sometimes he’s pretty bad at thinking them out thoroughly. So I try to get him to think about it in less of a mechanical way. A lot of times he’ll say, “Well, I’ve got to do this, or I’ll get hurt,” which is the exact opposite of the way I want to approach the scenes, which is the opposite of the way I’m always planning to approach a scene. I think he’s going to say some crazy things this time, so let’s be a little stupid about it. I’ve been on sets where everybody’s just sitting around joking and joking and you’re not thinking much, and then you get to the moment where you’re like, “Wait a minute! I’ve got to just get through it, because when that happens I don’t want to have to think about it anymore!” I think he’s good, he’s funny, he’s a great character, but you’d never want to be the man who thought that through.

What did you decide to tell him this week in the comic?

I think he’s very smart — what we’ve known about him — but in a weird way it’s actually kind of weird: He doesn’t have an ego, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. If

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