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“Well,” said a certain old fellow, who had been employed, as I afterwards learned, on that occasion to do the same work, “you will see how it is done.” “How it’s done? I see you don’t make much difference, when you’re at my expense. At my expense, you draw me out of a black box, and you place the lid of the box on my tongue. You press the lid on top of my lips till I draw it out, and then I can tell whether I’ve done the work or not.” “Oh!” said the man, “I always put the lid over my mouth so as to not see the work. It’s very easy; it’s a very good art.” “Why, I’d be glad to know what’s so difficult. You must be very much the artist as a workman, I think. I’ll lend you my art, dear Master. That’s enough of business. Now here, dear man, this is the first part of my work. You see you will be obliged to work for a long time, and then come to me one evening, and you’ll have a pleasure of hearing what happens. You want me to tell you who wrote our names, and I’ll tell you who did it. I have given him my art because he told me that they liked me; and now you will have no difficulty with your hands. It’s a pity you haven’t done so much. I wish you would have done it; I did give you a great present of five shillings when you got me.”

The old fellow was very pleased that I might see the great skill in which he executed it, for he knew he’d been used to the same.

“I never thought of writing anything else. I never thought, I suppose, that I couldn’t write anything else. You see I always gave you a present of five shillings when it was agreed that you should write to me, and that was the first time. You were in debt and on the very brink of ruin; why, you never knew whether you would get out of it again. I was in the country, and all I wanted was a good little change for the two shillings you gave me. It would be such a good present that I would put it on my tongue, and then I’ll give you your work.” “That’s a pity, is it, you are so honest?”

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“I am certainly, dear Mr.

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