How do you draw easy hair? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Pictures To Solve

With acrylic pens. We’re not sure what you were doing with the hair after all. The only thing with these pens is that they suck and they will not do the job. Not good.


Step 1: Get some acrylic.

You’ll need at least two colors, but it doesn’t have to be perfect—just a few colors that you think would make your hair look more interesting.

To make sure you get the paint right, you’ll set the pen on something solid and put it there with the brush. You’ll want to make sure the pen is flat on the acrylic surface.


Step 2: Get out a bunch of different acrylic colors.

You also need some different acrylic paint or a different color to cover up the spots you messed up after you used the ink. You can always do the same thing all over again to get a fresh start.


Step 3: Paint!


Step 4: Enjoy your new style.

If you did it the other way around, you’ll feel better for having done it that way—or you can make adjustments to the whole look! You could use hair spray and spray water to smooth it out and keep it a little less unnatural.


But whatever you do, you can’t go back, can you?

Step 5: Make some adjustments if you want something different.

We’ve seen some tutorials that claim that some hair spray will help the paint flow better. The thing is that if it’s a thick coat, the paint will not flow as cleanly. We’ve seen some pictures of watercolor paintings with some paint that doesn’t flow as well as others with watercolor paint that flows smoother. (We’re not saying you can’t spray watercolor with paint straight from the can, but if that’s the case, do what you have to do on a limited basis.)


But a thicker coat also doesn’t help the paint dry as long as it’s not applied to the end of strands. That means that if you’re painting long hair, you’ll have to apply the next step twice (the middle piece then the ends) rather than once. If you want long hair for something, you won’t be happy with that, either.

This is something that a lot of people do even if they’re going for a smooth appearance using natural hair—make sure you check your work to determine if you should

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