How do you draw easy hair?

With your hand! With your finger! But what was even harder to figure out was how to actually do it, and how to keep it down so it went down smoothly.

In the beginning, it was easier just to get the brush and use it like a big brush with a straight edge. I’m guessing the same was true in the beginning too.

However, I got much better at keeping the hair straight in the later years, and the hair got much less frizzy. I still recommend using a brush, but then being able to do it with a long, curly pencil brush. But how are you going to find a pencil brush small enough to use in the first place?

Now the hard part…drawing hair with a pencil brush.

How to Draw Hair with a Pencil Brush:

Start out with your hair down as it would normally, just because you don’t have hair. If you don’t have hair, you want your drawing to look as natural looking as possible.

It’s also better to use a sharpie to mark out exactly where the points you’re going to place your brush. You can get these for cheap at crafts stores and on-line, but if you need something bigger for drawing, you may want to get a professional one.

Use a long, straight pencil to draw, and then draw some shapes on a second layer of paper. The idea is you add a little more hair (your pencil line) and some circles (your paint brush). Remember to use a slightly darker color in the circles so you can see the edge as you go along.

Using the point of a pencil to draw small circles helps keep the hair straight. If your hair is long, it’s important to make sure there are no hair sticking through the line. If this happens, you’ll probably need to draw around it with a small curling iron or ruler, or just cut your hair off.

Don’t just use a straight pencil with a hair line. You want to draw little lines at different points on the same layer. This lets you create curves without creating bumps. Try to stay away from circles too unless you want to go crazy.

You may be saying to yourself, “but I have short hair.” It sounds counter-intuitive to think you would get rid of hair on pencils. I agree, but you’re correct! You’re drawing it on top of your drawing and you’ll want to keep the shape a little the same