How do you draw Franklin the turtle?

The original “Franklin’s Turtle” is the best known. His skin color is yellow and his face is grey. The design is reminiscent of that of the legendary Frank Thomas of the original series, in which he was a turtle who lived on a boat. In the original series he was a turtle named Frank Thomas.

If you’ve ever seen the film “Franklin,” you can see the design that he had on his turtle shell. In the film, you can see that Franklin, instead of being a turtle, is an amphibian who flies around on a boat. What this means is that Franklin’s turtles are more or less just a more or less realistic representation of the most famous turtle of all time, the one used in “Franklin.”

What if he was originally a frog?
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If it were my design and I were the creator of Franklin, I would probably start by considering what it would be like to be a frog. While Franklin is a turtle, I think it would be nice to have some features that aren’t so fish-like, but more amphibian-like.

What if he wasn’t originally a turtle at all and was instead a dog?

I would start by looking at what it would look like if he were, in fact, a wolf. For one, his ears are much bigger than those on his turtle shell. He would look like a dog, but a more foxy one.

What if he were a fish?

Like the original turtle, Franklin probably would have to have a very interesting personality. For example, instead of his yellow skin color, he might have blue or green. In addition, he might even have a tail, which is the common feature of aquatic reptiles. However, he could perhaps have been a lot more realistic, because it seems that Franklin’s true nature was a bit more humanlike.

Perhaps Franklin really was a frog named Franklin; I don’t know! But given the above, it would be interesting to see where another one might have gone. Who knew you could have made something even more whimsical and fun!

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