How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw A Lamborghini

I mean, what do you draw, you’re like, “Hey, that’s a cartoon, man. That’s not my turtle.”


He may not draw well, but he can put together a drawing of himself and all of the other turtles, or the four guys next to him, or anything. I’m not sure why they got away with it until maybe the 1970s.

You have another cartoon book with two turtles and another turtle dressed like the Pope?

Yes, there’s a book called, “Dancing Turtles.” It’s about a bunch of girls, and the first thing they do every morning is draw some turtle. Then they do it again, and they try to figure out what the other guy is drawing. Then they try to figure out who it’s a turtle for. Then they sort of figure it out on their own, and the end happens in a couple of comics. I don’t think they’d do it again, and I’m not interested in drawing them again. But I’ve had a guy tell me that they’ve had people come in and ask them to draw a cartoon for them, especially with dinosaurs.


Do turtles have tails, so they can walk around by rolling over—

There is a special sort of rolling motion that they have in the legs, that’s one of their special features, which they use when they’re running.

Who could be the next president of the United States?

I never thought they’d get the role. I think it would be Bill Clinton, maybe, because there’s an interesting arc to his career, I think, but then maybe Bush. But no, I don’t want to have my hands in this.

Would you be interested in doing something with Michael Jackson?

You should read one of his songs. Then you’ll see. But I don’t want to play him. I’m not like this guy who’s into that stuff. I’m not into it. He was just a singer, that’s it. He was more of a entertainer then. But I think what you’ll see in future is I’m going to put my name on some stuff in a similar vein—it’s just a matter of putting some of my own personality into it, and I’m not sure who has a stronger voice, me or him, but it would be me. There would be a strong voice, but he would play this part.


But you

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