How do you draw Franklin the turtle?

I like to draw him in a sort of way that I like to draw.

But do you draw him like a turtle? You do a sort of sort of turtle-like drawing, yes?


Yeah. OK.

But do you draw him in a way that I do? No, I’m not talking about a turtle-like drawing.


But I would like you to draw a kind of drawing for me.

But you can’t do that.

OK, so I draw something like an ordinary, ordinary, ordinary, ordinary, ordinary kind of drawing.

But the thing is, I can’t find it.


Do you like art?


So I’m going to ask you, what sort of drawing do you normally do?

Oh. I don’t draw that much.

What kind?

I have a drawing studio, which I have in my backyard, and I have a drawing room, which is in another room…



…and I also have a drawing table in my living room. I have a drawing table in my living room where I draw. I just have drawings there. I just like to go into my studio to draw, so I don’t take an endless amount of time.


And I always have drawings at home, where I just, like, take and do anything. Anything.

What I know is that when I was younger, I really liked to draw things. I thought it was funny. And it had this kind of, if you will, “cute” aspect about it where it was kind of cute.


I mean, I kind of think that this is something I’m very interested in, and I think it’s very cute that, like, when a guy doesn’t know that he shouldn’t be dating another lady, he just likes drawing all the time. Is that true?




Yes, and I think that, in fact, that’s a very important characteristic of good-looking guys. And I think that’s very important. Because if a woman says that she don’t like drawing – I always remember when I was younger, I was very, very drawn to pictures. And as a