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Do you have a name for that?


In an interview that aired Friday night on the Fox Business Channel, White House spokesman Jay Carney said the President “understands that a lot of people disagree with his personal views, but the idea that he would suggest that the President is somehow the leader of the free world is just ridiculous.”

In an interview with host Stuart Varney, former New York Times deputy political editor Jill Lepore said the idea that the President of the United States is the head of the free world “is not even a joke.”

Lepore said:

“I think most of us have a very difficult time understanding what the President of the United States is actually thinking.”

She went on to criticize what she said amounted to “a very big joke” about President Obama’s views on immigration.

Watch the clip:

“It is not just about immigration, the president is an immigration hawk, he is an outspoken advocate, for an immigration system. The president in fact does believe that it should be a merit-based system, and that it is not the case that America has become an open land of opportunity in terms of immigration. He said that.”

Watch the video:

The interview, which ran on Thursday, follows in the wake of an interview this week in which Mr. Carney insisted that a discussion on the subject is “unnecessary.”


“I think people should be focused right now on the economy,” he said, “and not be distracted or focused on some sort of foreign policy talking point.”

Despite the assertion that the interview was “unnecessary,” many have been quick to take issue with it.

“You can’t blame [Carney] for not responding to the President’s interview. His job is to tell the story,” former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer told Bloomberg on Friday. “People would be better off with the President doing nothing.”

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