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What do you do to create a sense of fluidity in the mouth? I thought you looked very good in those jeans. [kissing sounds, maybe more than one kiss]. You think you’d be great as a model for me? I’ve made plenty of friends who’ve seen their work on magazines but I don’t think I would have many clients who’ve seen your face in them.

I love your hair. I used to look at your hair in the magazines and think you’d look great in a black and white movie.

I have to agree with that comment, thank you for your understanding. I’d love to see you in a movie or make an art video. If there are any openings for modeling, I’d love to work with you. I’d love to work with a couple of models who have never modeled before because you’d have a great chance of breaking barriers for people and I think they’d be surprised at how attractive you are.

Do you think girls will be looking to you for future modelling opportunities in the future?

I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. You’ve been so successful because you are so approachable, you talk like a lady so effortlessly and people respond to that. You’re a beautiful human being and I admire that.

I’m sure you’ve gone through a lot of struggles when it comes to your looks but did you ever get a break? Did you ever have time to do any modeling work for a company?

I have definitely had time to do modeling work for companies in the past, but I feel it was because there was time on set so I could keep going. I feel as though I do such amazing work that it keeps me focused on my personal goals, rather than how I may or may not have been able to make a few extra dollars to spend on my family.

How long have you been doing the modeling for?

I’ve been modeling since the late 1980s, about 10 years.

The last thing I was hoping to get out of this interview was an appearance in a photo, but it’s not too late. How is the life of an escort in your current career? Do you ever still do modeling or do you do more freelance work?

I’m a freelance photographer and model. I do a lot of freelance work. I’m also involved with several modeling agencies who help me with both my own designs and those of other women who are looking to do work as escorts.

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