How do you draw lips?

Like you don’t think it’s possible. Like it might be weird. Like you think people will see it in a totally different way.”

Halloween night is a time for weirdness.

“I think people know what to do, but it’s hard to explain,” says David Zinczewski, a costume designer at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image. He says his approach to costumes is to create them with “something to hold on to in this moment.”

“In the past, we’ve been very quick to just whip something together and have it make sense,” Zinczewski says. “Then we’d talk about whether it would take a certain sort of shape.”

The New York Times Magazine cover star, who has made a career out of dressing up in weird, creepy, and downright macabre costumes, says he has made a conscious decision not to get too deep into traditional storytelling.
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“I’ve kind of been trying to stay away from that,” he says. “I don’t care to be in a story any more. And as long as you don’t make it too real, you can’t have a real emotional impact on the audience.”

His latest and biggest project is a costume that he designed in collaboration with photographer John Tesh called the Black Rose. The black dress and costume are made of 100 percent cotton, with an intricately embroidered headpiece. The costume is on the lighter side and takes about 20 minutes to put together.

He says all the work is still at its very early stages, so this is his first attempt at full-scale theater. And a lot of people are excited about seeing it, he says. The only thing standing in his way of getting all of the work finished by April is a scheduling issue — he’s only working from the moment he wakes up until his dinner hours. In addition, he says he’s worried his schedule will be too much of a distraction.

But he’s hopeful that the costumes will give the audience some ideas and allow them to enjoy the work, and they hope viewers can also make use of the costumes in their own creative pursuits.

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