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How about a realistic chin? That’s how we think.”

In the video, she also points out that the facial hair is not in line with most celebrity hairstyles.

“When celebrities take off their eyebrows, it actually looks fake,” she says. “When you see celebrities on the red carpet with their hair off, it gives you the impression that you are seeing them out of some natural state like a tree.”

A typical celebrity look includes a full head of dark hair and eyebrows, although this doesn’t necessarily fit with L’Oreal’s product line. The company’s lines include high-tech eye shadows, a face tint and lip gloss, among other products.

In a recent survey, 30 percent of British women said they didn’t like their natural hair, with 18 percent describing it as “very unattractive.”

The idea of the “Gospel of Thomas,” also called “The Gospel According to Thomas,” is that there is not one but several Gospel accounts of Jesus of Nazareth. Some people have claimed that the most obvious Gospel of Thomas is the gospel of Thomas found in John 2:2–4; this may be true for the majority of Christians who accept the other Gospels’ account of Jesus as the son of God. Other “Gospel Thomas” may be found in Luke 22:1–7; Matthew 5:20–31; Mark 3:22–35; Luke 21:24–34; John 5:44. There is also the third Gospel, based on Matthew, in which Jesus has a conversation about John the Baptist with the woman from Bethany who was in agony on the cross. In this Gospel Jesus says, “I do not know you; but what I say is true: You are my daughter, and this night I shall lay you to rest.” This Gospel is often confused with the other Gospel accounts because some have a focus on Mary’s suffering, some have a focus on the crowds, and other have a focus on the Apostles.

Gospel of Thomas The Gospel of Thomas was not found in the first century. The first reference to it actually dates to the first century B.C., according to an early commentary by Roman Catholic historian Tacitus. The passage is found in the Gospel of Thomas, written about A.D. 68–a century after the death of Jesus. However, the Gospel of Thomas is not mentioned until at least the third century, which means that the Gospel of Thomas may not have been written by any member of Jesus

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