How do you draw realistic lips?

Why do it? Why do people stare at her lips? Why do they look like two-dimensional drawings? When did the idea of lip painting really take off? Where do you start? When would you start? How long to get them correct? How long do you want to wait? How many to do in a day? Why is this fun, and what do you look forward to? What are your personal goals? What is your life like? What’s your philosophy? What’s your biggest secret? What inspires you?

What’s good?

What’s bad? What’s amazing? What’s not good? What’s amazing? Bad? What’s so cool? What’s bad? What’s awesome? What’s not so good?

How to Draw Lips is an online art class, featuring free lessons and projects for artists, from beginners to creative professionals. We will take things a step further by giving our students unique opportunities to experiment and create, while sharing with them that their work will be appreciated.

Our program is a place for everyone – students, artists, family, teachers, and everyone else!

How to Draw Lips – Introduction

Your first stop will be a lesson on the lips, but why do we draw lips? Why do people do it? And how do we draw them? How do they look? Why do they look like a work of art? When did it start? How long does it take? There are so many good answers, and so many interesting stories in the history of the art of lip painting. So I figured I would tell more than just the basics and just the basics with videos so you can start with a new look. (A lot of people say that’s too heavy-handed; I’ll say why I believe this. -Pablo Baez)

Who Am I?

My name is Pablo Baez. I have been doing this for about 10 years, as an artist. I am a former teacher of painting. I took an Art Academy at the College of Visual Arts in New York City. I am now a certified private conservator. I am now a freelance artist, taking commissions for galleries around the world. I live in New York City with my lovely wife and our beautiful dogs, Charlie and Bella.

Car Sketching with SketchBook Pro 7 Perspective Tool - Car Body Design
In this class, I will focus on an introduction to the fundamentals of the form. (That way you can practice on paper first.)

My hope is that through what I will demonstrate during this class