How do you draw Yoda Easy? – Automobile Sketching Tutorials

I can’t draw Yoda Easy, I’ve never seen that.

Dennis Gormley of The Wall Street Journal asked one of us (Dennis) to provide a little background and what it was like to draw Yoda Easy. He asked this question because he thought one aspect of Yoda Easy would be interesting for someone to draw. He suggested a Jedi Master and requested a drawing of Yoda doing his thing, and that is how Dennis drew it!

Here’s the result.

That’s more like it!

We had a good laugh over his drawing, but I do think there’s something interesting about the idea of a Jedi Master doing just about anything, including Yoda’s thing. Did you have to use a pencil with the above image, or was it more of a digital drawing? (Please comment below.)
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To download the file (1 Mb), right-click and download the image.

We have posted this one on our Facebook page (! So please let us know what you thought of this.

Have fun with your Yoda Easy drawing! (If you didn’t see this week’s installment yet, click here for it. It’s one more issue worth of free comics!)

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