What do I draw when I’m bored?

A pretty red rectangle with some little pink stars popping out of it. The stars represent the planets in the sky, and so on. The stars represent how we are all connected. But those stars are just stars. Their meaning is a little different.

This is the drawing I want to discuss,

I drew the planets in the chart of the universe. They are small white stars. You can see why I’m fascinated by the smallness of the stars. But how could my drawing have something to do with the actual universe? Why can’t I draw anything else, I wonder? Why can’t I draw an actual galaxy or star? The stars are a part of the universe, and there is a universe that contains all the stars in the sky. But the stars are just a picture of what the universe is made of.

All the stars we know are just made up of dark energy and matter. But there must have been an all-encompassing, all encompassing universe before the stars. Just like the stars that look like a big blue blob in the universe are real, so are the stars that look like little circles. Those stars came from our solar system. But they are not there with us, they are in the middle of space, at the edge of our universe.

So if you can draw, drawing the universe with little pink stars, it seems to me you have found a way to draw a picture of the universe. Perhaps you have managed to draw something similar to the stars, but in the midst of a giant, dark universe.

If you are interested, check out the book drawing of the multiverse. I will also say, if you liked the drawing, then look at my book drawing of the universe,

and see if the drawing has something to do with it. It is a fun book, but no one else in the world has managed to draw a picture of a universe like ours.

I have also written The Drawings of the Multiverse

for anyone who would like to learn more about the universe and its stars. (A link is below)

It’s a great book to read once you are done with your drawings. It includes links to other drawing books and a lot of different drawing tutorials, which you can use to try your hand at drawing a universe or stars.

Have a good one!

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