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If you don’t have them, you can draw up a sketch of the place or theme and make a mental list of the best ideas you can think of.

You don’t have a lot of ideas on the internet. But if you have something you like, or you just feel you should think about something, come up with something. You’ve got nothing to lose, you’ve drawn everything you really want to do, and that is the point.

After the news broke that Kanye West was in Los Angeles on Monday (February 20), the Internet went into a lather over the supposed reveal of a new album by Kanye and Jay Z, despite all evidence proving otherwise.

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As well as numerous rumors suggesting that Yeezus had already been completed in 2012, another rumor suggested that West would be releasing a new album to coincide with his birthday next month.

What is he really up to now?

Well, as is often the case where rumors run amok – with no proof of them ever materialising – the West camp has decided not to comment on this new development. But while it is true, as Kanye’s representative told the New York Post: “Jay knows nothing.”, the details of what was really revealed on Monday certainly do not add up.

As you can see from the original image and this image, Yeezus has a completely different tracklist from the one that was revealed on Monday .

As you can see, it appears to have several entirely different tracks, with the first single “I Love Kanye” in the opening track, ‘Through the Wire’ being the title track of the album, and ‘Stronger’ being a closer closer to ‘Wolves’ than the original version.

The tracklist also matches the one given to the New York Post on February 26, which suggested ‘Through the Wire’ was the next track, but ‘Stronger’ has never appeared on any of his previous live performances, and if I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure Jay Z wasn’t present for this recording.

Also as the original image showed, the title track is titled ‘All Falls Down’, not ‘I Love Kanye’. The album was apparently titled ‘Life of Pablo’, not ‘Only One’ at all. On this picture you can tell that ‘All Falls Down’ is being performed live, and there are two different versions of the album cover that seem quite similar.

And finally, the album is supposedly called ‘No More Parties In LA’, not

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