What should I draw ideas?

First off, remember to do it in your head. I don’t care how much you draw your characters – if my mind is working, I’ll draw them. In the meantime, I highly recommend a paper sketch app like Inking. Also, take a look at my list of ideas that would really be great:

How to get you started

There are many resources online about “What should I draw in my own head?”. I prefer Toppling Kittens or The Writer’s Toolkit for the best ways to learn – especially because they are simple.
Draw a Truck | Drawings, Art drawings for kids, Easy drawings for kids

As a beginner, I’d also recommend something like the Character Design Tutorial – it’s a great tutorial, free, and written by a professional at Inkwell, the company behind most of the above resources.

Also, there’s also these YouTube Tutorials like This Story of Two Crows and How to Draw a Feral Child:

What’s next?

So, there’s sooooooo much content out there on the internet about writing, so many different resources, so many ways to learn… What’s next for you?

How to write in your head doesn’t necessarily mean you’re writing bad writing, but a very bad one, I mean. You have to be careful of the tools you choose when you write your novel, it has a lot to do with your personality. I recommend you read this post by David Anthony Farr on the power of being yourself online; then this post to help a beginner make her characters real; and then this post to get the essentials.

I believe it can be very liberating to have a story that’s your own. You should do it because you want to see yourself in your characters. If you’re not into that kind of things then you’re not writing your own story, you’re just writing someone else’s story. If you are into that kind of stuff, then you’re not writing for yourself and you want to do the character and story first.

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