Are directors more important than actors? – Best Canon Cameras For Filmmaking Schools Ranking

Maybe. But as we’ve learned from many of the most exciting and commercially successful movies of the last two decades, there are many people who can do a role but often can’t be anything else. As Hollywood has matured, this has made directors increasingly important.

If a story has a director, at least you know in advance when he or she’s on the project. That way you can make informed choices. If not, you may not get the best script from your agent or distributor, or be more likely to get a less-than-desired cast or cast member. If your director is a young, hot and unknown talent, you won’t have much choice but to get him on board with a script.

As long as he or she can steer the script along in a way that isn’t totally insane (you may be in a studio lot where you can’t see everything in person), you’ve established that the director is your best friend. With a producer, you can have a more objective look at who is behind the scenes. With a director, you’ve established that he or she can get you a director’s cut.

But with actors, your story is your business.

That said, if your star is a new or less-popular star, or an actor with a history of poor films, or a star who has a very limited resume, the odds are that your director will not only not be a great fit, but will instead turn out to be a terrible choice at this stage of your career. You may, I guarantee it, not only make less money for the film, but you won’t be able to get your star back, or you may have a completely different story.

And what is a filmmaker in this situation?

The good news is, when all is said and done, you’ve already made your choice. You make your choice, go into the woods, and find the script and director of your dream.

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