Are directors more important than actors? – Filmaker

When is “director” an appropriate title?

Is it appropriate to have the words “I’m a director who’s making this film” in the credits?

How well should directors be portrayed?

Do you think it’s appropriate or necessary for directors to work in the industry?

What does a director do with the extra energy that might come from working part-time?

Should an actor be a director to begin with?

Do you think it’s okay to direct a film before working on it yourself?

What’s the story you’re trying to tell?

In what order should we tell the story in the film?

Does your movie have enough information and enough plot to hold your interest?

Has the director’s idea changed from the one suggested by the script?

How did you arrive at the ending?

How much is the director getting in your way?

What’s the story you’re trying to tell?

How much do you like or dislike the movie being made?

Do you want to make the movie yourself or is the director too much, too soon, too much of a burden, too much of a burden?

Does the movie have enough information and enough plot to hold your interest?

Does the director’s idea change from the one suggested by the script?

Do you think an actor would like to direct a movie?

How far out will you take the story?

How important are you as far as the “story” goes?

How long will the film run and when?

Do you want the movie to have music by Hans Zimmer or just a soundtrack?

In this survey you’re given a number of questions to rank. When you vote on a question, you take a number of points. For each of these points you get 10% or 10 points for that question. You then multiply these 10% numbers together to see how many points each of the above choices are worth. The numbers are weighted to account for how many people chose to answer each question. You also have a total score.

As is the case in most polling, there was a lot of disagreement. Some people seemed to like the idea, and it would certainly add flavor to what the director, star or producers are saying. Others seemed offended or uncomfortable with the idea.

And this wasn’t just a few people. When I posted the poll at Reddit, the number

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